Escentric 2ml Discovery Set - Abiti Ladieswear
Escentric 2ml Discovery Set - Abiti Ladieswear

Escentric 2ml Discovery Set

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The radical simplicity of our scents is the antidote to overindulgent mainstream fragrances. Subtle yet distinct, our Escentric fragrances propose a minimalist alternative to lengthy, contrived perfume formulas.

Escentric — a formula

The Escentric fragrances are hyper-portraits of the aroma-molecules, with ingredients chosen to reveal the molecule's key facets.

The Escentric 2ml Discovery Set houses all five Escentric fragrances in handy, sample-size vials. 

This set of five Escentric scents in 2ml vials includes:

Escentric 01: Cult-scented Formula
Escentric 02: Sparkling Freshness
Escentric 03: Arboreal Concoction
Escentric 04: Hazy Fantasy
Escentric 05: Deconstructed Mediterranea 

All five Escentric fragrances are brimming with character and unbeholden to gender distinctions, making for a revolutionary, gender-free reinterpretation of classic perfumery ingredients.

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